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Here you can find information on work that I've done. The Joomla! Extensions category is where you can find information about my Joomla! extensions. Under Open Soure Software there is a list of scripts and programs that I've written or helped out in some way. In the Sites category I've listed sites that I've done work for.
  • Sites ( 5 Articles )
    These are sites created and/or run by Olle Johansson.
  • Open Source Software ( 1 Article )
    These are open source scripts and programs made by Olle Johansson, in whole or in parts. They are both stand-alone as well as addons for other programs or scripts.
  • Joomla! Extensions ( 10 Articles )
    This is where you will find detailed information on some of my components, modules and plugins I've written for the Joomla! CMS.




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