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MX Latest Commented

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A friend of mine needed a module that listed the articles that has been commented on most recently. Since I wrote a module like that for myself some time ago I cleaned it up and wrote instructions for it.

MX Latest Commented has been released in two versions, 1.0 which is for Mambo 4.5.0 and 1.1 which is for Mambo 4.5.1. They both have the exact same functionality.

You can see the module in action on my site My Pet Peeves.

Both versions are available for download in the Downloads Section.


MX Show Users module

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 Download Jx Show Users v1.3
File Title: Jx Show Users v1.3 (Details)
File Version: 1.3
File Size: 4.8 KB
License: GNU General Public License v2
Downloads: 6293
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Since the wait for a new Mamblog version has been long I thought I'd release a useful module that I wrote some time ago but never released since it didn't work properly on Mambo 4.5.1. I've now updated the module and written some usage instructions so it can be used by Mamblog users and anyone who wnats a module to list users on their site.

The module 'MX Show Users' can list users in Mambo and link to their blog page or content items. It can be used to show an alphabetical list of users on the site, to list the latest content items by users, or the top writers on the whole site or a specific section.

The module is found in the Downloads Section under Joomla! Extensions.


So much to do, so little time

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It was a long time I wrote something in my development blog, I just can't seem to be able to find the time. But I thought I'd mention that some more work has been done on Jobline, so there might be yet another release coming up next month or so. Features includes customizeable posting entry, a Polish language file and the ability to have different sets of states. Polish and Australian already added, except for US, and if you send me other lists I will add them as well.

I haven't forgotten about the Mamblog users either, even though it's harder to justify development that will probably never give me any clients. The next version will however hopefully be out next month as well, which should include fixes for it to work properly with Mambo 4.5.1 and 4.5.2.

Read on for more development thoughts.


Jobline Updates

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I've finally managed to find some time in my busy schedule to get another release for Jobline out the door. I've uploaded the Jobline module that can list job postings in several different ways as well as a Jobline Search Mambot for Mambo 4.5.1. Finally there is also the beta release of Jobline v1.1, which includes many new features and bug fixes.

New features include

  • Dutch translation
  • Customizable fields
  • Templated html output
  • HTML editor support
  • More fields added
  • More configuration options

Read the CHANGES file for a complete list of changes to the component.

Beta version notes

Since this is only a beta version it's bound to include bugs, even though I've done my best to make sure it works flawlessly. This is not intended for production use, so use it at your own risk, I'd recommend making a complete backup before installing it. It should be feature complete though, I'm not planning on adding any new functions before the stable release.

Upgrade Info

The readme file included in the zip archive contains detailed instructions on how to upgrade to this version. Since there are several database as well as several new files you should conuslt this before you try an upgrade. These instructions will be put up here on the site as well in time for the stable release.


Jobline updates on the way

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I've done quite a bit of work with Jobline for a few clients and they have all gratiously agreed to donate the code to the GPL version, so there will be an update coming in the not to distant future.


Server problems

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This site has been down for a bit over a week due to the server it's hosted on was hacked. The server now runs on a fresh install of FreeBSD for added safety.

Due to this my time is serverly limited at the moment as there is still a lot of things to be done on the server. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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