Jx List Files v1.3 released

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File Title: Jx List Files v1.3 (Details)
File Version: 1.3
File Size: 24.83 Kb
License: GNU GPL v2
Downloads: 11076
Rating: Average vote 4 stars (19 Votes)
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Jx List Files v1.3 has been released containing several new changes:

  • Sizes are printed in readable format.
  • Added date formatting, defaulting to Joomla date format.
  • Fixed bug with excluded files in sub-directories not being excluded.
  • Exclude files based on extensions.
  • Refactored code into a dynamic object instead of static.
  • Filename sorting changed to case insensitive.

A native Joomla 1.5 module to list the files of a directory on your web server.

Main features:

  • List files from a directory on your web server.
  • Can add links to the files.
  • Translatable, delivered with English and Swedish
  • Icons to display the type of file.
  • View template to change the html.
  • CSS file to manage the look.
  • Hide specific files from the list.
  • Sort by filename, file size or date either ascending or descending.
  • Group files by sub-directory.
  • Files can be opened in new window.
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