Gold Quest

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 Download Jx Gold Quest v1.0
File Title: Jx Gold Quest v1.0 (Details)
File Version: 1.0
File Size: 11.53 Kb
Downloads: 869
Rating: Average vote 4 stars (14 Votes)
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Allows visitors to play the game Gold Quest (or other available games on GoldFrame).

About Gold Quest

Gold Quest is a simple multi-user co-op text based dungeon quest game with multiple client options.

The object of Gold Quest is to collect as much gold as possible while traversing a dungeon filled with monsters. All players control the same hero and will see the results of the actions by all other players.

Currently all players on all sites will play the same hero, but there are plans to allow site owners to authenticate and create their own hero. This would allow for co-op within the site and friendly rivalry between sites.

Gold Quest Android App

For Android users there is also a downloadable app to easily play the game.

Available in Android Market

Other Clients

Gold Quest can be played in several different ways, described on this page.

Other Games

The game engine behind Gold Quest is called GoldFrame and allows for multiple different games to be run. Currently there are two simple games, Gold Quest and Assassin's Greed, but more are planned.

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0 #1 josh mik mika 2014-10-02 12:40
Thanks for this APP for Android :)

gemas clash of clans

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