The road to Jobline v1.2

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Jobline logoThe next version of Jobline will be version 1.2. This has been in development for a long time, and it will contain lots of new features. I'm currently working on adding in extra features added for clients and cleaning up the code, fixing bugs in all the new stuff etc.

Even though most of the work is already done, there is still much left to do. I'm working on this off and on, whenever I have time, but it is going to take a while. I can't give any esitimation on when I will have this version finished, it will be released when it is done.

Sponsor Development

For those who want to chip in and help sponsor the development of this version I've set up a donation page. If you want to speed up the release of this version, please consider making a donation.

Read on for a list of features that will be added.

New features

Below is a non-exhuastive list of new features that will be available in Jobline v1.2.

  • Registered users can list, edit and delete their own job postings.
  • Jobs can be placed into categories and sub-categories in several levels.
  • RSS feed of latest jobs.
  • Configurable PayPal Payment buttons for job postings.
  • Advanced CSV import functionality.
  • Totally revamped administration page, with quick link icons for sub-pages, tabbed configuration page etc.
  • Featured jobs can be set from the administrator page, to make them highlighted and more prominent in listings.
  • Multiple sets of country states/provinces: US, Poland, Australia, Philippines, UK, Ireland, Canada
  • New template set with divs instead of tables.
  • CSS files for each template, editable from the administration page.
  • Publishing limits, jobs can be set to be published in the future, and automatically removed at a specific date.
  • Country selection for job postings, which can show flag for the given country.
  • Configure option to override the default Joomla language in Jobline with one of the included Jobline languages.
  • Language in Jobline selectable for each job.
  • A whole range of new configuration options.
  • Email addresses can be cloaked.
  • Configure option to override the default Joomla wysiwyg editor for Jobline, or to turn it off completely.
  • Documentation has been updated with better and more detailed information.
  • Templates for more pages, like the job posting form.
  • Ability to use all job posting data in lists.
  • Refactored internal code.
  • Plus lots of small changes to make the system work better.


0 #5 daniel 2009-05-19 15:57
Jobline 1.2 sounds amazing - easily the best recruitment joomla pluggin out there. When will this be released?

Also, will the RSS jobs feeds have tags specific to recruitment such as "location" or "salary"?
0 #4 Mario 2009-03-29 02:33
If a Recruiters wants to insert much Jobs because must insert all the fields of the form? it is not possible making the login to load all the data with its Company? Excused for the errors
0 #3 mario 2008-11-26 23:54
Yes please!!!

Add an option to upload the company logo, this will make it amazing!!

I know you are super mega busy and appreciate all the energy you are putting into this.

An approximate release date would be mega great!!!

0 #2 Olle Johansson 2008-10-30 12:06
This has been in the making for a long time. I can't add new features this late in the process unfortunately.

The component still needs to support Joomla 1.0 for old users. So it won't be Joomla 1.5 native.

Depending on the outcome of the current poll, I will decide on native support for v1.3 later.
+1 #1 Sam 2008-10-30 10:54
IT will be better to add a specific picture at the top of job detail, becuase some company there wanted show logo.

Must support joomla 1.5 Native.

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